Welcome to Avarice

Avarice provides a unified solution for automating various financial functions in your business.

Originally conceived as an accounting package and then remodelled into an advanced robot, Avarice can examine financial processes in a business and execute processes such as paying invoices from email or identifying fraud risks.

In modern markets occupied by global competition, operational efficiency is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a requirement. The level of automation and intelligence provided by Avarice enables a business to crop redundant roles, identify loss making processes and optimize internal accounting.

Importanty, Avarice enables a level of internal audit that exceeds human observation: A tireless machine enabled by the experiences of our world class accounting partners.

Accounting Automation

Avarice is a powerful, integrated platform designed for applications such as audit accounting and robot process automation (or RPA). This is the automatic evaluation of financial data to determine its accuracy and, further, to use that information to guide automatic operation. Structurally, it is a chimera and consists of

  • an accounting system,
  • graphical data analysis software
  • and a spider

Its purpose is to enable automation of organizational processes

  • safely with powerful analysis capability
  • intuitively with graphical language
  • cost effectively with open source

Forms and Workflow

Avarice provides a form editing and routing system that enables users to design the workflow in their business. The system supports mobile devices via an App on the store.

Avarice form2

Warning, invoice bank account changed Weekend payments detected Profit has increased by 5% YoY

Relentless and Avarice

Relentless Technologies (Pty) Ltd consults on the migration of manual processes into Avarice and retails the licenses directly.

Contact Jon Claassens or Yeeshu Rastogi to get further information:

  • jon@relentless.co.za
  • yeeshu@relentless.co.za